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Single Pre Release

UK singer Alice Hollywood Talking about her single pre release strategy

You have your track ready to go mix and mastered, you’ve been bringing your fans along the way with you. With all the things we talked about last week. Ie, covers, photo shoots, bts material, gigs.

Here are a couple of things you can do 3 days before the release.

3 days before

Day 1:

Art work - Along side your usual SM posts you want to start posting your full artwork for this single release, on all your platforms.

You can make some cool graphics and visuals with canva and an app called Mojo. I LOVE to use Mojo to take a photo and turn it into a cool pop up video. Just like this

These are particularly great for your instagram stories.

Going live on all platforms

Go Live: Live chat about the single you’re about to release, ie where you were when you wrote it. What inspired this song. What kinda vibe it is.

Banners - by this point if you haven’t already you want your banners up again with your artwork for your single. Make sure you have your name/logo on there. The date of your release and the platform you want them to head to first to listen to your track. ( This is the platform you are currently trying to build ). For me I am focusing on building my youtube channel there for I will send everyone to my YouTube. If you’re trying to build your spotify then obviously send them there. In the previous video we talked about goal setting these are the action steps we are now taking towards that goal. Mycurrent goal is to hit my first 1000 subscribers before this next release. You want to keep telling people, reminding them of your specific goal. Ask them to help by sharing your content with their friends and family. Yes you will feel like you’re bugging them which is never fun I know, but you just gotta bring yourself back to how much do you want this!?? Keep that big goal in mind and you’ll likely find the confidence to ask.

Day 2:

Artwork - Post more of your Artwork - only 2 days to go guys. Please get sharing and see if we can reach this 1000 youtube subscribers before the track even arrives.

Go Live: Live performance of 2 covers and you’re last single or more. Maybe even ask what covers/originals your audience would like to hear before hand.

If you’re gigging with a band on your launch day, check in with them make sure everyone is good and ready to kill it on Friday night.

Same thing if you have support acts.

Day 3:

Artwork - Share more artwork on your socials, now your Facebook and instagram should be covered with this brand new hot release! Now everyone knows it’s coming tomorrow!

Go Live: Live chat, the song is out tomorrow, the time it’s out, the fact there’s going to be a competition to look out for. How excited you are and tell them you’ll be going live tomorrow to release it and you want everyone there with you as you hit the buzzer!

Prep for live gig - ( In person or online ) - Especially if your an artist that doesn’t just throw on jeans and a tee. If you are that’s fab your work here is done maybe iron that tee. ;) If your image is more of a bigger statement and part of who you are as an artist you want to make sure that’s ready now as much as you can because tomorrow is going to be nuts. So hair prepped as much as possible. Nails done, make up out or packed ready to go. I would set up all your equipment now if possible without plugging in of course. If you’re in a venue obviously that may not be accessible to you till tomorrow but then have whatever equipment ready to go even if its just your lucky microphone.

Have your outfit/costumes hung up ready to go.

Make sure you have your set list written out. And please please please do not be looking at lyrics on this night! This is the night you have your shit together and your ready to smash it!

Release the title of the song in whatever creative way you can think of. You could have your audience guessing it throughout the week.

Bonus Tip: Record clips of these 3 days so you have footage to post for your behind the scenes content to share post release.

Get a good nights sleep, I know you're excited and you should be!! Tomorrow your releasing a part of you into this world that didn't exist before and will forever exist for hundreds of years! Pretty sick right!

I really wanna build a friendly community here with musicians and artists who help each other. These are just a few things you can do in the lead up to your single release. Of course there are many more and I will share others in future content but please feel free to share your ideas of what you’ve found works for you in the 3 days pre release stage so we can all learn and progress in this music biz, together. :)

We’re here to help one another navigate the chaos of the music biz and life as an entrepreneur!

Have a great week and remember to be kind, be fearless, be you!

Ciao, From Your UK Solo Artist Alice Hollywood x

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