Single Pre Release - The Musicians Hustle

Single Pre Release

UK singer Alice Hollywood Talking about her single pre release strategy

You have your track ready to go mix and mastered, you’ve been bringing your fans along the way with you. With all the things we talked about last week. Ie, covers, photo shoots, bts material, gigs.

Here are a couple of things you can do 3 days before the release.

3 days before

Day 1:

Art work - Along side your usual SM posts you want to start posting your full artwork for this single release, on all your platforms.

You can make some cool graphics and visuals with canva and an app called Mojo. I LOVE to use Mojo to take a photo and turn it into a cool pop up video. Just like this

These are particularly great for your instagram stories.

Going live on all platforms

Go Live: Live chat about the single you’re about to release, ie where you were when you wrote it. What inspired this song. What kinda vibe it is.

Banners - by this point if you haven’t already you want your banners up again with your artwork for your single. Make sure you have your name/logo on there. The date of your release and the platform you want them to head to first to listen to your track. ( This is the platform you are currently trying to build ). For me I am focusing on building my youtube channel there for I will send everyone to my YouTube. If you’re trying to build your spotify then obviously send them there. In the previous video we talked about goal setting these are the action steps we are now taking towards that goal. Mycurrent goal is to hit my first 1000 subscribers before this next release. You want to keep telling people, reminding them of your specific goal. Ask them to help by sharing your content with their friends and family. Yes you will feel like you’re bugging them which is never fun I know, but you just gotta bring yourself back to how much do you want this!?? Keep that big goal in mind and you’ll likely find the confidence to ask.