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Release day

Single launch day

The day has finally arrived and your sending your music out into the world! Something you’ve created can now be heard by anyone in the world. That’s pretty sick! So we need you to bring the excitement bring the energy. Now is not the time to be shy it’s time to be LOUD and share your music and your voice with your fans and of course your fans to be.

You’ve put the work in, the hours and all your energy to everything that goes into this release. Today is the day you push the music to be heard by as many people as possible. Well Kinda. Let me explain...

If you've used fb ads or instgram ads and you've done the job correctly. You'll know that targeting everyone on the planet just isn't the best way to go. You want to understand facebook ads and target to your exact demographic to have the biggest return on your music.

Yes you'll have your music on all streaming platforms you may have physical copies too. Of course millions of people could hear your music but the chances at this point of your career is they won't. Obviously if your leaps and bounds ahead in your music career what I like to call "Beyonce Level" then this probably won't matter to you. :) Please share your knowledge with us all below! :D Thanks in advance!

What I'm saying is you need to target specifics and Facebook is 100 percent the best way to do just that! I'm going to add a link here that I use to refer to when I'm posting an ad on fb/instagram. (ENTER LINK) There's a lot of trail and error but this will pay off eventually.

Few tips

Tip 1 -

Go live on YouTube to launch 🚀

Go live on Instagram and Facebook right after launch 🚀

Reason for YouTube first: As you'll know by now if you're already a part of Alice's Army and you're on this crazy journey with me, you'll know I'm trying to build my YouTube channel and reach those first 1000 subscribers.

If your target at the moment is to ie, reach your first 10,000 followers on instagram then go live there first and share to your other platforms later. ;)

Tip 2 - Change all your banners to “single out now” plus the title and artwork with your logo.

Tip 3 - Release a lyric video on your YouTube channel ( Release this on your Instagram IGTV the following week ) To gain the most traction to this video you need to follow certain steps before going live with it. If you're interested in a detailed video on how to upload your YouTube video in the best way possible, leave me a comment below and I’ll put that video/blog together for you. Or you can check out Sunny is a QUEEN when it comes to youtube and how to leverage your business using the YouTube Platform! Just please tell her I sent you! :)

Tip 4 - Release a competition around your track. That will

end in a weeks time, this will be extremely helpful to keep the momentum going as you'll have posts to share everyday around this for the next 7 days.

This is also a great opportunity to build that mailing list. Be sure to include that as part of their entry into your competition.

Another positive from this is that as soon as the winner is announced and has hold of your merchandise the chances are they are going to share pictures on their socials, which will open you up to a whole new audience of their friends family and followers. Not only that you can share their post on your own socials. Everyones a winner!

Bonus Tip - In the evening perform a live gig even if it’s just online. The more you celebrate and share with both your online community, friends and family the more opportunities you’re giving yourself.

Plus your a performer that's what you love and what you're here to do, so let's go have fun and perform a FABULOUS SHOW!

Good luck! Your gonna smash it! Also send me your music I'll be more than happy to take a listen and maybe even share it in my stories! :)


We’re here to help one another navigate the chaos of the music biz and life as an entrepreneur!

Have a great week and remember to be kind, be fearless, be you!

Ciao, From Your UK Solo Artist Alice Hollywood x

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