Post Single Release - The Musicians Hustle

Post Single Release - The Musicians Hustle

Day 1 -

The official Music Video - I would recommend you release this video on Youtube VEVO if you have Vevo. If not YouTube will be fine. If you release your music video via Vevo you’re opening yourself up to a bigger more targeted audience. As Vivo is all about the Music and obviously Youtube holds ANY kind of content. However because they are synced your music can be viewed on youtube also. You’re setting yourself up to receive the most exposure as possible Vevo is a niche platform, a music one. We want to show up there if we can. It is an extra cost and if you feel you don't have that right now that's absolutely fine just keep it in mind for when you do.

Day 2 -

Acoustic Video if possible or performance video. If you record an acoustic version of your single you could also distribute that on all music platforms too, once again this is another cost ie for distribrution and more time for you, but if you can afford it I’d say make the time for it! As you’ll open your self up to another audience. No matter what you can obviously release this on your socials at no extra cost :) I'm talking about distribution for iTunes, Dezzer etc.

With this acoustic version of your single you might find some people love your lyrics but they’re into more chilled out vibes and if you can release an acoustic version of all your singles you could build a totally separate fan base. Following on from this maybe once in a while you could throw out an unplugged style gig. I say every once in a while because if this is not the type of artist you are you don’t want to send out the wrong message on a weekly basis as you’ll then have built the totally wrong audience for yourself. Then when you come to paying shows the way you want to you may have the wrong fans staring back at you with a confused look on their faces an your gonna have to start all over again. Haha yeah not what we want! So always stay true to yourself as a rule. But don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit from time to time. You'll find your own way to make it work! After all your the creative genius!

Day 3 -

You could release various material, here’s a couple of ideas. You could do an interview style video, get your partner involved or another YouTuber maybe a blogger to ask you a few questions about your song. Ie what’s the message behind your lyrics? How did you get inspired? What’s your favourite part of the song? What you working on next? How was filming the music video? Who was involved? When’s your next release?

There’s an extra little nugget I just gave you in there; If you use another YouTube or Blogger to interview you, your also opening yourself up to their audience! More opportunities.

Day 4 -

Remix Release - with a fun lyric video - or clips from BTS. If your interested in hearing how to get the most out of your remix release, let me know in the comment section below and I’ll create a detailed piece on this.

Day 5 -