Networking Events The Musicians Hustle

The Musicians Hustle

Networking Events

I would say there is literally nothing more valuable than networking in this business. In many businesses it is so vital. But in the “Music business” I would say it’s even more so!

Tip 1: Reason 1 Networking

You literally never know who you are going to meet. They could be the person who knows that person who knows that person and boom your in! You’re supporting one of your favourite artists. Has this happened to me yet, no but it will. #manifestation

Tip 2: Be ready

If your a lover of Will Smith you’ll hear him say this a lot! Be ready so you don’t gotta get ready! Because once that opportunity arises you don’t wanna be the one saying well this is almost there, you might wanna hear this. You need to be the guy/women saying Yes here’s my music, here’s my following, he’s a ticket to my next gig, Let’s do this!

Flip side:

Look I also believe in the “start before you’re ready” I know that’s super contradicting, buuuuut it really depends how far along you are in your career. So if you are at the start you still want to be networking meeting as many people as possible say to them you're literally starting out and would love any advice they have; this can be invaluable!


Make sure you take others contact details and FOLLOW THEM UP! I’m guilty of not doing this too!

I find I take so many cards they get lost in my bag with my receipts and seem to be gone for life.

So if cards don’t work for you either. I would take their socials either fb or insta and drop them a message there and then saying hey it’s Alice its as great meeting you at The BBC Introducing event. Then you have this person saved in your phone and in your messages. That’s another thing I find is just such a nightmare, if you don’t send that message. You literally lose that contact forever!