Dance Monkey Cover Female

Dance Monkey Cover Female, Alice Hollywood

What a fun track this was to cover. Thank you to Tones and I for Dance Monkey. I don't know anyone who doesn't like this track. If you haven't checked out my cover version you can tap the video below and let me know what you think?

This is my first release back this new year, new decade! I hope this year is treating you well so far! I hope 2020 is good to us all!

I plan on releasing new covers every single week. Wednesday 6PM (GMT). Everything I release will be right here on my YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe and hit that bell so you never miss a video!

Also if you are a singer, musician, dancer let me know in the comment section below. Or DM me on instagram I'm gonna be sharing some tips and tricks of what I've learnt so far in this mad industry! Just really wanna help each other succeed!! 🤙

I hope you enjoy this track! Quick shout out to music producer Max MacRae and Manchester musician Andom Poggi for teaming up and creating such a great backing track here for me. These crazy talented guys will be creating my tracks every week!

Let me know what you think of this cover version of Dance Monkey? And if you have any requests moving forward, shoot them my way!

Have a great day and remember to be kind be fearless be you! Ciao, Alice Xx

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Happy new year!

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