Comeback - Ella Eyre - Cover

Have you ever had some one break your heart and then come crawling back once they realise what a huge mistake they've made? Well I have, clearly Ella Eyre has and I'm sure many of us have. This is a track that's just awesome to sing at the top of your lungs - no matter what your vocal ability and just feel incredibly empowered!

Luckily today I have the best boyfriend today who goes along with pretty much every mad idea I have! Like in this video, performing in-front of on coming traffic! Having no more that 10 seconds to get this shot and run! Haha, you can call me crazy or you can go with the mad creative brain I seem to have. I like to push the boundaries and try to never play it safe when it comes to music and performance. Am I nervous during these times? Yes, but to be honest in this case I was more nervous singing at the side of the road in-front of all the cheering spanish students waiting for their bus to arrive! They had such great energy, which made the experience even more fun. Made a change from when people look at you like your a total nut. ;p. Here in Valencia they seem to just go with the chaos.

I'd really love to know what your favourite scene was in this video?

A. Park ( Giant Tree )

B. Main Road

C. Basket Ball Pitch

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If you haven't checked out my latest Throw Back Thursday Cover, here's your chance! Would love to know what you think of my version of Comeback by Ella Eyre?!

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Remember To Be Kind, Be Fearless, Be You.

Alice Xx

Alice Hollywood - Singing in the streets of Valencia
Alice Hollywood Solo Artist

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