Collaborations The Musicians Hustle

The Musicians Hustle


Tip 1: Open up your audience

If you’re collaborating with another singer for example, it is highly unlikely everyone who is following them is following you, so it gives you both the opportunity to grow your following. As you’re both opening yourself up to each others audiences.

Tip 2: Two heads are better than one

I know we all have our own creative ideas and sometimes it can be hard to hear someone else’s vision. But sometimes find it highly beneficial. That other person can either bring something out of you that you have wanted to do but maybe been too nervous or afraid to do so. Or something you never even thought of but completely makes sense and lines up with exactly who you are. Shout out to Willowly for that! Vocal coach in London , UK.

Tip 3: Help you to reach deadlines (Accountability)

This could be a family member, a friend or a coach.

Quote from Marie Forleo - "Making a specific “accountabilityappointment” with another person can increase your chances of success by up to 95%. That's a lot. It doesn't have to be complicated, either."

All you haver to do is message that person your main goals for the week, do your best to reach them and at the end of the week report back.

Yes it will put the pressure on but this could be the missing ingredient you need to get your shit together! ;) Much harder to put things off when there’s another person involved!

I'm currently open to do this for one person, so hit me up if your serious about your career and I could just be that person for you!

Bonus Tip

Helps decrease the Loneliness in this biz

This is actually next weeks topic. I’m going to go much more in-depth with this next week. Now, I’ve not really asked other artists if they feel like this, as I think we all try to maintain that facade of everything’s great! :) Because let’s face it no one wants to hear that your lonely and broke from tryna go for your dreams, or maybe they do, you tell me? Haha.

Having that collaboration even with one other person is such a simple thing and beneficial for both of you on so many levels. Even your mental health can benefit.

We’re here to help one another navigate the chaos of the music biz and life as an entrepreneur!

Have a great week and remember to be kind, be fearless, be you!

Ciao, From Your UK Solo Artist Alice Hollywood x

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