Branding - The Musicians Hustle

The Musicians Hustle

Branding (part 1)

Tip 1:

First be clear on who you are as an artists, what are your two main genres of music. What message are you trying to put out into the world. With your image and your lyrics and music? To a degree you want to make sure things line up. Buuut you also want to stand out in your field.

Tip 2:

Brand Colours: After a lot of research on my part. There’s a rule of thumb that 2 to 3 colours work best. Especially when it comes to your online marketing which lets face it that's where EVERYTHING is right now. So I'm talking about your logo, your banners on your fb, instagram, youtube, twitter and whatever else your online. Ie, Tik Tok.

Think about this: Youtube has two brand colours and everyone can name them, google has four can you tell me what they are? Without checking ;).

Keeping your colours consistent will make your brand more recognisable. The more recognisable your brand is, the faster your following will grow.

Tip 3:

Clean graphics ( High quality graphics ). On your photos and your logo. There’s nothing worse than an image that you can’t really make out because it’s such low resolution graphic. As the artist your logo is going to be your name or your stage name you want it to be

A. Readable

B. Bold - To stand out: Tip to standing out is look at people in your market, so here in this space you’ll be looking at other artists, try and make yours completely different from your peers we’ll say. Take Starbucks and costa for example, they are in the exact same market but their brand logos completely different.

C. Make sure everything lines up - Graphics: logo and images, your music and your message to the world.

Bonus Tip:

Your Socials: Make sure on all your profile pictures you have either a photo of yourself or your logo, which ever you decide. And make sure that goes across ALL your platforms. Also try not to change this too often. This picture creates trust. They are trusting that this is your account. If you have all these different graphics on each of your platforms it becomes much harder to identify which one is really you. Which will lead people to pass on following you or reaching out to you.

Yes you will change your banners from time time to time for instance when you have a single launch, you'll change them to something like "New single launches tomorrow, Download here". Just be sure to change each banner on every platform at the same time. Consistency is always KEY! If someone jumps onto my facebook account and see's a shot of me with my pink hair but then jumps on Instagram and sees my banner with my blond hair they might think one of these is a fake account. Even though they're both me! I've done it myself before, gone to follow someone, things haven't quite lined up and therefore I chose to not follow or engage with that person. With how short everyones attention spam is these days we don't wanna leave any room for people to walk away so quickly.

As I've already mentioned we want to build that trust with our fans/followers and by being consistent with our branding and imaging across all our socials it's a great way to start building that trust.

Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful to you. If you know someone else who would benefit from these musician hustle tips please share away!

Please feel free to leave your own branding tips in the comment section below, so we can all learn from one another.

We’re here to help one another navigate the chaos of the music biz and life as an entrepreneur!

Have a great week and remember to be kind, be fearless, be you!

Ciao, From Your UK Solo Artist Alice Hollywood x

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