All I Could Do Was Cry - Etta James


These streets of Valencia are literally a dream. There's a different story told at every turn.

Once we found the street we wanted for this video we actually shot it in just 2 takes. (Which believe me does not always happen)! And as we finished the table at the end gave us a huge unexpected round of applause. I was so embarrassed and grateful at the same time. All we ask for as performers is a round of applause. If your happy were happy!

I tend to belt out my vocals in real time along with my recorded vocal rather than mime to my own voice as it just seems so unnatural. This way I can portray the true emotion of the song.

I really hope your enjoying these new videos. We've really tried to up the anti on our new material.

Being a team of two and being totally broke makes things tricky, ;) but I hope you enjoy watching them as much as we have creating them. The city of Valencia makes things a little easier to create higher quality content as it's just so stunning!

This Etta James hit, All I could do was cry, is one of my absolute favourite songs to perform. The lyrics are so powerful, yes they are heart-breaking. When I went through a seriously tough break-up I would belt this out over and over again, this song was like therapy for me.

I hope I brought enough power and emotion to this song that this track deserves.

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Remember To Be Kind, Be Fearless, Be You!

Alice x

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Shot in Valencia Spain

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